Author | Ted W. James, MD


COVID-19 and GI Disorders: A Clinical Update

May 11, 2020

GI symptoms in COVID-19 have been reported at rates as low as 5% and as high as 50%. This short clinical update highlights what is known and how to care for GI patients.

New Guidelines on Management of Achalasia Released by ASGE

March 09, 2020

Medical therapies for achalasia are limited but new procedures are improving management. A gastroenterologist highlights new guidelines.

Gastric Distress: 3 GI Case Challenges

March 09, 2020

H. pylori, penicillin allergy, gastrin 1000 pg/mL, recurrent duodenal ulcer, and more. Meet 3 new patients and decide the next steps.

3 GI Case Quizzes: Cirrhosis-related Bleeding

January 14, 2020

These 3 patients with cirrhosis of different etiologies offer you the chance to select the next best step in their management.