Daily Dose: Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk of Certain Cardiovascular Diseases
January 31, 2023

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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Linked to Higher Risk of Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease in New Study
January 30, 2023

A 2-sample Mendelian randomization analysis showed that sleep apnea and snoring increased the risk of HTN and CAD, and these associations may partly be driven by BMI.

Ulcerative Colitis May be an Independent Risk Factor for Hypertension: UK Biobank Analysis
January 06, 2023

The analysis of nearly 300 000 individuals found those with IBD were more likely than the general population to have hypertension and that only UC was independently associated.

2022 Clinical Guideline Toplines: Essential Summaries for Primary Care
December 30, 2022

Patient Care Guideline Toplines summarize newly revised and updated clinical recommendations from professional societies for convenient, at-a-glance review.

Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease, Risk Factors Detailed in New American College of Cardiology Report
December 14, 2022

Worldwide the report finds that hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, dietary risks, and air pollution are the leading causes of CVD which remains the leading cause of death globally.

Daily Dose: ASCVD Risk Reduced by 10% with Diet
December 02, 2022

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ASCVD Risk Reduced by 10% with Diet, Greater Drops Seen in Women, Black Adults
December 01, 2022

The therapeutic impact of the dietary lifestyle intervention and the differential effects could have major implications for clinical care and policy, say study authors.

Study: Surprising Number of Postpartum Hypertension Cases Occurred More than 6 Weeks After Birth
November 16, 2022

Analysis of women who did not have high blood pressure while pregnant found that 1 in 10 were diagnosed with hypertension in the year after delivery.

Daily Dose: Remote Hypertension and Lipid Program
November 14, 2022

Your daily dose of clinical news you may have missed.

Baxdrostat in Phase 2 Clinical Trial Proves Effective, Safe in Treatment-resistant Hypertension
November 14, 2022

Baxdrostat shows potential to represent the first new class of antihypertensive agents approved since 2017.