Diabetes Type 2

Obesity Linked to Over Half of New Type 2 Diabetes Cases in US Annually
February 16, 2021

New research suggests obesity is responsible for 30%-53% of new type 2 diabetes cases in the US annually.

A1c Variability Predicts CVD in Type 2 Diabetes, Hypoglycemia May Mediate Impact
February 08, 2021

Variability in A1c during the first 2 years after T2D diagnosis is a strong predictor of CV disease; study authors note the risk may be mediated by severe hypoglycemic episodes.

George Bakris, MD: Heart Failure, Renal Disease, CV Risk Research is on Fire
February 03, 2021

Video: George Bakris, MD says over the next 3 years there is going to be an "explosion" in the number of studies we see in heart failure, diabetic kidney disease, and CV risk in general.