Practice Management

AAP Recommends Routine HIV Screening for all Adolescents Starting at Age 15
January 05, 2022

The AAP updated its guidance to recommend routine HIV screening at least once in all adolescents aged ≥15 years and at-risk youth be rescreened annually.

Pragmatic Execution of Online Obesity Treatment in Primary Care Found Effective in New Study
November 02, 2021

ObesityWeek 2021: Regular engagement in online behavioral obesity treatment program within primary care network produced clinically significant weight loss in new study.

Flu Season 2021-2022: Primary Care Fears & Patients on the Fence
October 29, 2021

This flu season will bring different challenges to primary care clinicians. Here, experts discuss specific barriers and best strategies to overcome them.

Prioritizing Mental Health: Applying Person-First Approaches to Care
October 26, 2021

When addressing mental health with patients with obesity, a thoughtful approach that balances psychological health and weight loss is critical, explains Dr Ethan Lazarus.

Primary Care Check-up: Long-haul COVID-19 Poses New Challenges
October 25, 2021

Primary care physicians express concern that long-haul COVID-19 will create new challenges for an already dwindling workforce, according to new national survey.

Inappropriate Patient Requests: How do you Get to No?
October 13, 2021

Fielding inappropriate patient requests and getting to "No" while preserving rapport with a patient is an essential clinical skill. AAFP has a 5-step approach.

Social Determinants of Obesity: Treating Urban & Rural Patients
September 14, 2021

Social determinants of health vary between patients living in different environments, so what are the key factors to consider when creating a treatment plan?

Primary Viewpoints Episode 11: AAFP President-elect Discusses Greatest Concerns about Upcoming Flu Season
September 13, 2021

"Primary Viewpoints," a podcast from Patient Care Online, brings you an exclusive interview with incoming AAFP president Sterling Ransone, MD.

CDC STI Treatment Guidelines: 7 Key Updates for Primary Care
September 02, 2021

The CDC released the first set of new STI guidelines since 2015. What are the notable updates that primary care physicians should know? Find out here.

AAFP President-elect Sterling Ransone, Jr, MD, says Flu Season Could Test FPs, Again
September 01, 2021

Incoming AAFP president Ransone is clear that this year's flu season will be hard on all front line clinicians. In this short video, he talks about AAFP members' greatest concerns.