Practice Management

OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for Health Care Workers
June 18, 2021

OSHA issued its long-awaited COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for health care workers. Find key takeaways in part 1 of our 2-part series.

Practical Strategies for Creating Health Care Environments That Welcome Patients of all Shapes and Sizes
May 24, 2021

Health care providers need to be conscious of the environment they create for patients with obesity or overweight, obesity medicine expert Ethan Lazarus, MD, explains.

What do Final-year Medical Residents Want in 2021?
May 20, 2021

Most 2021 final-year medical residents want to work in hospital settings, none want to work in rural areas, and male residents expect to earn more than $250 000 in their first practice.

Diagnosing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Primary Care Primer
May 14, 2021

What do primary care physicians need to know about CRPS? In our new slideshow, get a primer on diagnostic criteria, suspicious symptoms, testing, and more.

Primary Care Physicians Face Barriers to Utilization of New Migraine Drugs
April 19, 2021

The uptake among primary care physicians of new migraine drugs has been hindered by 2 significant obstacles, a headache specialist explained to Patient Care Online.

Best & Worst States for Physicians: 2021 Snapshot
April 19, 2021

Take a look at the 5 states ranking highest and lowest on metrics including wages, competition, state medical board punishment, cost of malpractice insurance, and size of malpractice payout.

USPSTF: Evidence Still Lacking to Support Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency in Asymptomatic Adults
April 15, 2021

In a new recommendation statement, the US Preventive Services Task Force concluded that current evidence is insufficient to support broad screening for vitamin D deficiency in adults.

ACP Guidance on Antibiotic Use: 4 Conditions Ideal for Short-course Treatment
April 06, 2021

Longer antibiotic treatment courses can often be safely and effectively shortened, according to the ACP guidance; 4 common conditions serve as examples.

New Collaborative Care Model May Improve Mental Health Needs of Primary Care Patients
April 05, 2021

Developed by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Health System, the model uses a referral management system to support primary care patients with mental health needs.

Primary Viewpoints Episode 8: New Drugs Approved for Primary Care
April 05, 2021

Which FDA-approved drugs from the first quarter of 2021 should primary care physicians know about? Listen to our newest podcast episode to find out.