10 Mileposts on the Long Road to Primary Care

Who discovered circulation of blood? Where was the first US medical school? What do you remember about the history of primary care? Find 10 memorable events, here.

How is your recall of the highlights of the past 4 centuries in medicine? What were the high points along the path to modern primary care practice? To help fill in any blanks, we trace the history of modern medicine, from the Enlightenment to managed care, in the 10 slides above.For deeper background still, see a previous slideshow, 10 Milestones in Early Medicine, which illustrates some of the more significant developments in the long history of medicine, from ancient times through the Renaissance.  


1. A More Enlightened Approach to Medicine

2. Born in the USA

3. A Rush to Higher Learning

4. Early House Calls

5. The AMA Organized Medicine

6. Pasteur Gave Medicine a Shot in the Arm

7. Art and Science Out of Whack

8. All in the Medical Family

9. Managed Care Brought Adverse Effects

10. Modern Medical Advances for $1000, Alex