Author | Leo Robert


8 Questions on Behçet Diagnosis in Primary Care

August 04, 2020

Primary care physicians are in a prime position to recognize BD—if you know what to look for. Take this brief quiz to find out what you know.

Behçet Disease Treatment Basics for Primary Care

August 04, 2020

For patients with Behcet disease, primary care practitioners play a key role in coordinating and monitoring care that requires multiple medications and doctors.

Rare Disease Update for Primary Care

July 01, 2020

Patients with rare diseases often present to primary care first, with symptoms that may initially appear benign, but with further evaluation, lead to a critical diagnosis.

Behcet Basics for Primary Care: Diagnosis

July 01, 2020

Primary care physicians are in a key position to suspect and detect BD in their patients and refer them to a rheumatologist to confirm the diagnosis and initiate a treatment plan.