10 New Wonders of Wine

Tonic or poison? Elixir or toxin? These slides offer a quick review of the latest findings on the health pros and cons of imbibing.

Wine has been blamed for causing everything from headaches to liver disease, but it’s credited with curing many things, from obesity to the common cold. Tonic or poison, elixir or toxin-the health benefits and harms of drinking wine have been debated for centuries, even millenia.Research into the health pros and cons of drinking wine is ongoing. Click above for a quick review of the latest findings of the past few weeks and months.See references, below, for more additional information on all slides.  


1. The Downside of Drinking

2. Heart-to-Heart on Too Much Drinking

3. Limited Cardiovascular Effects With Diabetes

4. Resveratrol Slows AlzheimerDisease

5. Resveratrol for AFib

6. “I Don’t Always Drink, But When I Do…”

7. Drinking Ups Cancer Risk

8. Flavonoids Lessen ED

9. Pick Your Poison

10. Aging Like a Fine Wine