10 Shots of IBD Preventive Care


New ACG inflammatory bowel disease vaccination and screening guidelines call on primary care physicians as comanagers.

A new clinical guideline developed by the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) outlines the preventive care that patients who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) require and recommends that gastroenterologists comanage this care with a multidisciplinary team, including primary care physicians.“To improve the care delivered to IBD patients, health maintenance issues need to be co-managed by both the gastroenterologist and primary care team,” the guideline states.Most of the ACG recommendations offer guidance in providing vaccinations for patients with IBD, especially those who are receiving immunosuppressive therapy, but many address other concerns, such as screening for cancer, depression/anxiety, and osteoporosis, and encouraging patients to quit smoking.Scroll through the slides above for highlights of the vaccination and screening recommendations (guidelines in italics). SourcePreventive Care in Inflammatory Bowel Diseasehttp://gi.org/guideline/preventive-care-in-inflammatory-bowel-disease/ 

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