10 States with the Highest Percentage of Fully Vaccinated Population

Grace Halsey

Maine continues to lead the country in percentage of population fully vaccinated at 51.82%, according to CDC data. Mississippi has shifted into the 51st spot.

According to the Center for Disease Control's data tracker, as of May 23, 2021, Maine remains the state with the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19; Mississippi has shifted into the 51st spot.

The CDC calculates that as of 6 am EDT on May 22, 2021, 38.9% of the country's population had been fully vaccinated, up from 28.5% approximately one month ago.

The slides below present the top 10 (and also the bottom 5) states as they currently rank on this important metric. The CDC asks primary care clinicians to keep the dialogue open with their patients who may be undecided about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Personal physicians remain the most trusted source of information about the vaccines.