11 Questions on Cannabis-based Medication

Sample: True or false? The longer a study on cannabis-based interventions lasted, the less of an effect on pain was reported. 

From edibles to traditional marijuana cigarettes, cannabis-based medicines are approved in a number of states to relieve pain. The analgesic properties of these products, however, are still unclear and questions continue about their efficacy and about the quality and nature of the research to support their use.

Two new studies analyzed research on this topic specifically. The first is a systemic review and meta-analysis of the association between cannabis-based medications and experimental pain outcomes in studies of healthy adults. The second study is a large systematic review and meta-analysis on the use of cannabis-based medications for the management of chronic noncancer pain (CNCP).

Try the 11-question quiz that follows based on the 2 studies and their results. Maybe you will agree with the authors, maybe you won’t, but we guarantee some of the answers might surprise you.

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