2021’s Healthiest & Unhealthiest States: Annual UnitedHealth Foundation Ranking

The annual "America's Health Rankings" report found Louisiana ranked lowest in 3 of the 5 categories assessed. Find the 5 states ranking highest and lowest in each for 2021.

The annual "America's Health Rankings" report, published by the UnitedHealth Foundation, is the longest running US health assessment on a state-by-state basis. The 2021 report evaluates 81 measures from 30 data sources to understand the impact on national health of myriad factors including social, economic, and environmental.

The 5 categories evaluated for each state on which a final ranking was determined are health outcomes, clinical care, social and economic factors, physical environment, and health behaviors.

Please visit the full report for greater detail on each category--but take a quick look here at the 5 states ranking highest and lowest on each of the 5 measures.

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