5 Cases of Vaccine Catch-up: How Many Shots Needed and When?

A steep drop in age-appropriate vaccinations during the months of peak of COVID-19 spread means that catch-up is now a priority. How would you get these 5 patients current?

On March 13, 2020, a national health emergency was declared in the United States 2 months after the first identified case of COVID-19 was reported. Lock downs were ordered to varying degrees across the country and most Americans tried to avoid other humans as much as possible. This included trips to doctor offices and even to emergency departments.

One week after the emergency was declared a precipitous drop in vaccine ordering and vaccine administration occurred--less so for children younger than age 2 years versus those aged 2- to 18- years, but still, many children and adolescents will need catch-up shots.

How many shots will be needed and at what intervals for these 5 patients?