5 Top Medical Books of All Time

Every healthcare provider has a stack of dog-eared sacred favorites they travel with, for life. This selection is based on one MD's annual assessment.

Mark Yoffe, MD, an internal medicine specialist who also writes about medical education and media, is the creator of the Web site www.MedicalMediaReview.com. Among other assessments of educational literature on the site is Dr Yoffe’s “Top 25 List of the Best Medical Books of All Time” which he updates every year. To curate contenders, Dr Yoffe trolls both online and brick-and-mortar bookstores looking for newly published medical texts and new editions of old standards. He also pays attention to what medical students and residents are reading.How does a text make the Medical Media Review’s annual list of  “Top 25 of All Time”?  In the slides above, find Dr Yoffe’s criteria for inclusion and our unscientific sampling of 5 texts from the most recent roster of the Top 25. Get the full “Top 25 List of the Best Medical Books of All Time for 2015.”