Abdominal Pain, Altered Mental Status in a 60-year-old Woman

VIDEO: Patient reports progressive weakness x1 month. Acute abdominal pain/emesis began earlier in the day. What's in your differential dx?


Patient reports feeling weak x1 month; husband describes low-grade fevers. Acute abdominal pain, emesis began this morning; no diarrhea. PMH: recent dx of factor V Leiden; no medications. Vitals: Temp: 97.4oF;HR: 76 bpm, RR: 16, BP: 124/63. Review video of ED interview.


What's your diagnosis?

A. Endocarditis with likely septic emboli to brain
B. Other infection (meningitis, UTI, pneumonia)
C. Stroke
D. Sinus venous thrombosis
E. Dehydration
F. Electrolyte abnormality (hyponatremia, hypokalemia)
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