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Acute Widespread Rash in a 9-month-old Boy

April 27, 2016

What is the cause of this erythematous rash that appeared suddenly and spread rapidly on the child's trunk and extremities?

Dyspnea and Intermittent Chest Pain in a 64-year-old Woman

April 20, 2016

Video: Patient's ADLs were unaffected by symptoms until 2 days ago. She arrives at ED directly from PCP's office, after echo. Dx?

A 13-year-old Girl with a Vesicular Rash on Palms

April 13, 2016

VIDEO: The child's hands are chronically dry but the skin has recently begun to crack; vesicular rash appeared after an ocean swim. Dx?

Progressive Rash and Arthralgias in a Teenage Male

April 06, 2016

PT Video: A short course of steroids was ineffective. He returns to ED c/o worsening joint and abdominal pain. Can you Dx?

Racing Heart, Chest Pain in a 65-year-old Man

March 29, 2016

VIDEO: Palpitations persist in ED; no history of cardiac issues. Incident is first of its kind for this patient. Watch the interview.

A 47-year-old Man with Peripheral Edema

March 24, 2016

VIDEO: Note marked tumescence in patient’s hands, pitting edema in lower extremities. Does PMH contribute? Dx?

Head-to-Toe Rash on a 17-year-old Boy

February 25, 2016

VIDEO: The non-pruritic rash began on his chest and spread rapidly over 3 days. Get a closer look; what's your diagnosis?

Abdominal Pain, Altered Mental Status in a 60-year-old Woman

February 17, 2016

VIDEO: Patient reports progressive weakness x1 month. Acute abdominal pain/emesis began earlier in the day. What's in your differential dx?

A Friable Lesion on the Neck of a 15-year-old Boy: Dx?

February 10, 2016

Video: The lesion bleeds easily and grows back quickly when "knocked off."

A 17-year-old Male with a Full-body Rash

February 03, 2016

PT VIDEO: The non-pruritic rash spread from his chest over 3d; no response to prednisone. What do you suspect?