An App for Aspirin and Other Medicine in the News

An app for aspirin, an antidote for opioids: 2 of the 6 topics in our slide show of notable studies on the Web.

Recent medical news around the Web is worth a closer look. We selected 6 studies of note to primary care and summarized them in the slides above. Topics include: a new app to identify patients appropriate for aspirin use to prevent CVD; a brief scale to identify older patients who may need help with medications; coprescription of naloxone with opioids for chronic pain, and high-quality end-of-life care for illnesses other than cancer.Find links to studies/abstracts below.


New App Guides Aspirin Use for Cardiovascular Disease

Help Older Patients Who Need Help With Medications

Naloxone With Opioids Nixes ED Visits in Primary Care Settings

High-quality End-of-Life Care Needed for Illnesses Other Than Cancer

Clerical Burden of EHRs Leads to Physician Burnout

Cardiovascular Mortality Decline Has Slowed Down