Asthma in America 2016 Survey: At-a-Glance

About 90% of asthma patients use rescue inhalers--perhaps its because nearly 60% weren't instructed at diagnosis on asthma triggers to avoid. More results, here.

“My understanding is that most survey respondents were satisfied with their current treatment and that almost half have used [the treatment] for over five years. However, if you find you are relying on your rescue inhaler throughout the day or, it is your ‘go to’ medication, it would be prudent to see your physician for a revaluation of your current condition and a reassessment of the medications you are using,” says Leon Lebowitz, respiratory therapist and a moderator at, the sponsor of the survey.In this short slide show, find out more about how people with ashtma experience their disease and its management.Click here for the full Asthma in America 2016 survey results.