Asthma and the Metabolic Syndrome: A Look at the Links

Asthma and the metabolic syndrome may be more closely related than once believed. A short slide show summarizes key studies of known connections.

Metabolic abnormalities and deficits in lung function are often seen in the same individual and have historically been considered pathogenically distinct.  Research is emerging that suggests mechanisms underlying each may underlie both.Key findings:►►  Metabolic syndrome (METS) is linked to increased asthma severity►► Asthma has been linked to markers of METS: Obesity, dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, hypertension►► Obese adipose tissue triggers the inflammatory cascade, leading to low-grade systemic inflammation.►► Persons with asthma have increased levels of proinflammatory types of LDLMore in the slides above; references at bottom of page.


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