Long COVID Review Lead Author Highlights Knowns, Unknowns

Long COVID is now a term recognized worldwide. We talked with Ani Nalbandian, MD, lead author of the most comprehensive review-to-date, about what she and her colleagues have learned.

"Long COVID" is a term now familiar to clinicians throughout the world.

Long COVID, in just 2 words, is meant to stand for any constellation of multisystem symptoms experienced by patients who have recovered from active infection with SARS-CoV-2. Symptoms can be lingering versions of those experienced during the acute infection or can be altogether new and different from them.

Ani Nalbandian, MD, a cardiology fellow at Columbia University Vagelos School of Medicine, spearheaded a comprehensive review of the literature accumulating on post-acute COVID-19 syndrome that was published in the journal Nature Medicine, in March. She spoke recently with Patient Care Online about the research, the findings, and the future.

Ani Nalbandian, MD, is a cardiology fellow at Columbia University Vagelos School of Medicine. She explained, “We felt that a review of all these possible issues would be important not only for health care providers but also for patients. It’s important for patients to know that what they're experiencing may be a consequence of COVID-19 infection and that they are not alone in experiencing lingering effects of COVID-19 infection.”

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