Blood Glucose Levels in T2D: 42 Factors that Make A Difference

These 42 factors that affect blood glucose are listed in categories including food, activity, and biological influences. Perfect information to share with your patients with T2D.

“'You’ll have on-target blood sugars as long as you eat right, exercise, and take your medicine.'"

This statement about diabetes management may be true but it is certainly far from the whole truth.

Adam Brown, a diabetes patient and past senior editor of the educational website, says one of site's missions is to correct what he calls explanations of diabetes of a "frustrating level of simplicity."

Brown has taken on the myth of the oh-so-easily managed blood glucose level several times in his popular diaTribe column. He began in 2014 with 22 factors that can affect blood glucose levels, listed under categories such as food, medication, and activity. He has since added 20 more, for 42 factors, and plans to keep adding.

This list is worth a review by any clinician who cares for patients with diabetes--type 1 and type 2. You just might find 1 or 2 things you haven't considered before.