COVID-19 Vaccine Blame Game is a Poor Strategy, Yale PCP Advises


Patients unvaccinated against COVID-19 don't need blame; they may need more of your time, though, says this primary care physician.

As COVID-19 cases surge across the US, the Delta variant becomes entrenched, and deep geographic pockets remain unvaccinated, vaccine messaging from some quarters grows more blaming and more shaming. Jorge Moreno, MD, a primary care physician at Yale New Haven Health in New Haven, CT, says a negative tone from any source toward those who have not yet received a vaccine is unfair and unproductive.

The vaccination communication strategy should not change if the patient or the person you are talking with is unvaccinated, Moreno told Patient Care.® He reminds all practitioners of their role as trusted messengers and urges all to take the time to listen and respond honestly and sincerely to patient questions and concerns. It may put you behind schedule that day--but, it also may lead to one less hospital admission. He explains