E-cigarettes: Where there's No Smoke, there's Still Fire

Several clinical studies have added some clarity to the potential risks. Scroll through the slides for recent findings.

E-cigarette smoking has been hailed as a safer alternative to combustible cigarette smoking, but e-cigarettes may have health risks of their own and the nature of the risks often is uncertain.Several clinical studies have added some clarity to the potential risks of smoking e-cigarettes. Scroll through the slides above for recent findings.Find links to studies/abstracts below.Habitual E-cigarette Use Elevates Cardiovascular Risk (JAMA Cardiology)No END in Sight (Pediatric Annals)Depressing Findings (Nicotine and Tobacco Research)E-Cigarettes and “Dripping” (Pediatrics)Nicotine, But with Fewer Toxins (Annals of Internal Medicine)E-cigarette Answers for Patients (Revue des Maladies Respiratoires) 

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