Flu Vaccination & US Adults: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Uptake

Grace Halsey

When asked about flu and flu vaccination, nearly one-third of US adults got all of the facts wrong. So, are they getting vaccinated?

More than half (51%) of US adults have not received a flu shot this season - and 32% don't intend to. Among other findings of a recent survey commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians, millennials, the nation's largest demographic group, are the least likely to get vaccinated, with 55% reporting they have not been inoculated this season.The survey explored the impact of misconceptions and misunderstandings about the flu and the vaccination among adults aged 25 to 73 years as well as how those perceptions might impact a decline in vaccination rates. Find out in the survey highlights below which groups are more influenced by antivaccination (anti-vaxx) rhetoric and who is more likely to forego a flu shot -- for themselves and for a child.