Hypertension Still a High-wire Act: 8 New Studies

Leo Robert

Only half of patients with hypertension have this dangerous condition under control. Highlights of 8 new studies, here.

About 75 million persons in the United States have high blood pressure, says the CDC. Only about half (54%) have it under control, and many do not even know they have it.Several recent studies have added to the understanding of this common and deadly condition. Click on the slides above for the latest findings. Links to original sources, below. SourcesSodium Study SurprisePotassium Lowers BPEnergy Drinks Gives BP a BoostVitamin D Equals PlaceboSimultaneous Hypertension/Diabetes ControlAlternate-Day Fasting Comes Up EmptyCognitive Deficiencies Start EarlyLow Adherence to High-Intensity Statins After MI