Liver Meeting 2018: 3 Hep C Study Highlights

Find out: why HCV-infected hearts can be viable for non-infected recipients; why screening pregnant women for HCV is worth it; and, how even injection drug users can achieve SVR.

Following are highlights from 3 important studies presented at The Liver Meeting® 2018, held Nov. 9-13 in San Francisco by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD). The studies cover key current issues surrounding hepatitis C screening and treatment. Investigators reported that: Universal (vs risk-based) screening of pregnant women at risk for HCV infection is a more efficient and cost-effective diagnostic approach Injection drug users who are infected with HCV have high rates of treatment adherence and relatively high rates of sustained virologic response In HCV-negative cardiac transplant patients who receive HCV-infected donor hearts, pre-emptive treatment with DAA therapy prevents chronic HCV infectionAll The Liver Meeting 2018 abstracts are published in the Oct 1 2018 issue of Hepatology.

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