Make the Right Inhaler Choice for Pediatric Asthma Patients

Making a good match between a young patient and an inhaler device is a first step toward optimal asthma management. Find a brief review of how to make that match in this short slide show.

Choice of inhaler for a pediatric patient with asthma must account for several critical age-related factors, with psychomotor skills and inspiratory flow rate being the most important. Spacers added to metered dose inhalers, breath-activated devices, and dry powder inhalers all help ensure delivery of optimal medication to targeted airways.The short slide show above reviews recommended inhaler types by age group and offers important reminders on patient evaluation.  Please scroll down for reference.


Aalderen WM, Garcia-Marcos L, Gappa M, et al.  How to match the optimal currently available inhaler device to an individual child with asthma or recurrent wheeze. Prim Care Respir Med. (2015) 25:14088; doi:10.1038/npjpcrm.2014.88. published online on January 8, 2015