Missed Opportunities for Vaccination

Missed opportunities result in under-vaccinated children and adults. Clinicians often mistakenly elect not to give a vaccine thinking that a contraindication exists.

Which of the following situations do NOT contraindicate vaccine administration per CDC guidelines? (More than one answer is correct.)

A. DTaP administration to a 4mo-old who spiked a temperature to 105.5 with a previous DTaP
B. DTaP administration to a 5y-old on anticonvulsants for a well-controlled seizure disorder associated w spastic quadriplegia
C. MMR administration to a child whose mother is significantly immune-suppressed
D. HPV administration to a pregnant mother in her third trimester
E. PPSV23 to a 66y-old with a 101°F fever and a positive influenza B rapid test
F. Flu shot to a 21y-old with egg allergy that causes generalized urticaria that resolves with oral antihistamines
G. LAIV (Flumist) administration to a nurse working in a newborn intensive care unit
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