MMR Vaccination: How Many Doses Does This Patient Need?


Research suggests that MMR vaccination may be protective against COVID-19. So, test your knowledge of who needs the vaccine with 9 cases you might see in your office.

The ongoing search of the existing pharmacopeia for preventives and therapeutics for COVID-19 has had a number of successes, such as dexamethasone for severe disease.

In late 2020 a paper published in the journal nBio suggested that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine could potentially help protect against or reduce the severity of COVID-19 infection. The study showed that mumps titers related to the MMR II vaccine are significantly and inversely correlated with the severity of COVID-19-related symptoms.

The authors don't recommend that adults line up for a MMR II booster, but the results are provocative and sparked the idea for this Throw-back-Thursday quiz that tests your knowledge of who does and doesn't need MMR vaccination. Dr Terry Brenneman has created 9 theoretical adults for you to assess. No doses needed? One, 2, or even 3 doses? (Link to paper at end of quiz.)

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