More Veggies, Please: 10 New Health Facts

New US dietary guidelines emphasize the importance of vegetable consumption for stemming the tide of chronic diet-related diseases.

The newly updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends an eating pattern that accounts for all foods and beverages within an appropriate calorie level. Vegetables, long known for the key role they play in healthy eating, figure prominently in the latest counsel for helping stem the tide of chronic diet-related diseases.Click through the slides above for guideline highlights and recent research findings about the significant nutritional value in a variety of vegetables. 


1. Establishing a Healthful Pattern

2. Packed With Nutrients

3. Consumption Deficits in Kids

4. Green is Good

5. Hail, Kale

6. Broccoli Fights Liver Cancer

7. Spinach Suppresses Appetite

8. Dietary Hot Potato

9. Food Groups and Cardiometabolic Risk

10. Trim Prices, Cardiovascular Disease