New Diabetes Device Comparison Platform Supports Clinical Decision-making, Prescribing

DiabetesWise Pro, created at Stanford University, provides an unbranded, unbiased guide to matching diabetes technology to patient needs, access, and lifestyle.

DiabetesWise, an online resource for patients living with diabetes created at Stanford University, announced the launch of its new DiabetesWise Pro website, an unbiased and unbranded source of information for health care professionals focused on diabetes devices and technology, according to a company statement.

The website offers tools that help clinicians review and compare FDA-approved diabetes technologies and streamline the prescription process once a choice of device has been made.

DiabetesWise is supported by The Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust and was developed by individuals with diabetes.

The rapid pace of development in diabetes technology can complicate assessment of the available devices and features and potentially hinder clinician decision making. Moreover, marketplace research conducted by SVB Leerink found that adoption of insulin pump use is projected to increase by 17% in 2022 and continuous glucose monitoring to grow by 29%.

Among the key features on DiabetesWise Pro are an extensive Device Library that catalogs all FDA-approved devices for diabetes care and a Compare Device Tool that can be filtered for side by side looks at devices based on affordability and access, data monitoring and data view options, ease of use, patient profiles, and a range of other attributes. The Compare Device tool also allows clinicians to compare steps for prescribing and ordering devices from different manufacturers and to build a comparison report to share with patients and caregivers. An update to the Prescription Tool is planned, the company says, that will include details on approval of devices based on patients’ insurance type.

DiabetesWise Pro features

  • Device Library Information on specific device fundamentals
  • Comparison Tool Comprehensive tool that allows you to compare device recommendations and share with patients
  • Prescription Tool A step-to-step guide for ordering the device and filling a prescription based on insurance type
  • Resources for providers by providers Best tips, tricks, and workarounds for diabetes technology from providers

“We wanted to give providers more power to understand what FDA-approved devices are available (and some others which will eventually be approved),” DiabetesWise founder Korey Hood, PhD, a health psychologist and professor of pediatrics and of psychiatry at Stanford University, writes on DiabetesWise Pro.

“As people that live with diabetes, we understand how difficult it is to navigate all the options on the market, prescriptions, insurance companies, and ultimately transition to a device.” Hood, who has lived with type 1 diabetes since he was a young adult, says that the goal of DiabetesWise Pro is to help supply health care providers with the information they need “to develop the best-customized plan for their patients and improve outcomes.”

The DiabetesWise Pro advisory committee includes a diverse gruop of people living with diabetes and clinicians reprsenting all areas of diabetes care.