Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccination: Data from 23 States

Grace Halsey

Kaiser Family Foundation: New data from 23 states show consistently smaller shares of vaccination among Blacks vs Whites based on share of cases and deaths and of total population.

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) is collecting data from states that report this information on COVID-19 vaccination by race and ethnicity to develop a picture of potential disparities in vaccine distribution and uptake.

The data presented in the slides below reflect COVID-19 vaccinations, cases, and deaths by race/ethnicity based on data collected on February 1, 2021 for Black and White individuals from the 23 states reporting vaccination data in these categories. The KFF analysis also includes data for Hispanic and Asian populations that are not included here. Please see notes under the first slide regarding limitations inherent in the early collection of these data. Complete characterization of each data category can be found on the KFF website along with the full results.