A Summer Sunscreen Saga: Is it Friend or Foe?

Grace Halsey

Sunscreen as a potential health threat is hitting headlines just as summer arrives. Test your knowledge of product safety with this 5-question quiz. 

Sunscreen a potential health threat?

Sunscreen has been a summer staple for decades but recommended for widespread routine use only since demontrating protection against skin cancer. While it was originally believed that sunscreen was not absorbed, there is now evidence that many sunscreen ingredients can be detected in blood and urine.

What’s more, the FDA in 2019 released its final draft sunscreens monograph, noting that for 12 of 16 common sunscreen ingredients, there is “insufficient health and safety data” to allow the agency’s designation of them as “generally recognized as safe and effective,” or GRASE.

Don’t counsel patients to leave the sunscreen behind this summer but do test your knowledge of the ingredients and their safety with our 5-question quiz.