Survey Gives Primary Care A Voice on COVID-19


Nearly half of US primary care practices are not able to test for COVID-19 and do not have adequate personal protective equipment. Here is what your colleagues are saying.

Nearly half (46%) of primary care practices do not have the capacity to test patients for COVID-19, according to results of a survey conducted by the Primary Care Collaborative in partnership with the Larry A Green Center. Primary care physicians say they are already losing clinicians (20%), nursing staff (17%), and front desk support (13%) as illness spreads.Practices also report being out of supplies to care for patients suspected of having COVID-19 and being overwhelmed by patient's virtual questions. The Primary Care Partnership & Larry A Green Center are conducting a weekly survey of primary car practices across the country to track impact of the COVID-19. Following are topline results and ver batim comments  from the first week using information gathered March 13-16, 2020.

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