Talking Cannabis & Brain Health: Why One Expert Says Not to Condemn Use

"It's natural to worry as a primary care clinician or even a parent that this cannabis use may be affecting this teenager's brain. But I think it's very important to get underneath that and say, 'Hey, what are the underlying stressors or anxieties or social situations that's causing the teenager to adopt this?" said research neuroscientist Henry Mahncke, PhD, in a recent interview with Patient Care® Online.

In the video below, Dr Mahncke explains the connection between cannabis and brain health and discusses two patient scenarios of cannabis use and how clinicians can best approach both.

Henry Mahncke, PhD, is the CEO of Posit Science in San Francisco, California. Dr Mahncke has been the principal investigator on several government grants and has been involved in numerous research studies on the impact of cognitive training on older adults.