Top 5 Migraine Apps for PCPs and Patients

We top-line 5 migraine tracking & management apps that stand out from the many available and our app reviewer points out defining features.

There is no shortage of migraine tracking apps available to your patients who cope with this often debilitating neurologic disease. Many of them do similar things. The important differentiating features of the 5 chosen by our app reviewer Ted James, MD, UNC School of Medicine, include: ► Customizable data entry that individualizes migraine tracking ► Feedback based on user-entered information that maps not only headache triggers, but protective factors as well ► Features that track weather conditions, sleep patterns, and other potentially overlooked contributing or mitigating factors ► "In-app" access to migraine "buddies" for support and advice ► Plus...moreClick through the slides above for highlights of these special apps -- links to iTUnes and Google Play included.    

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