Top 5 Mental Health Apps for COVID-19 Practitioners

The US continues to be one of the countries most deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care providers at all levels of care delivery face unprecedented numbers of very sick patients and are working often without rest or meals, and in some areas, without adequate personal protective equipment.

This month’s selection of apps is dedicated to them. The 5 apps were chosen by a physician writer from the New York City area who volunteered time at one of the hospitals hardest hit. In the slides that follow, she highlights:

  • Headspace, the popular well-studied  mediation and mindfulness app
  • My Well Being Index, designed by the Mayo Clinic to track physician distress
  • Provider Resilience, designed by the DOD for frontline health care professionals
  • Calm, rated #1 for sleep support and offers relaxation exercises
  • Relax Melodies, >100 soothing sounds, breathing exercises, guided meditations
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