Waning Immunity in the Obese a Risk Factor for COVID-19

Grace Halsey

Why are people with obesity at high risk for severe COVID-19 infection? Dr Caroline Apovian explains that immunity in this population has begun to senesce.

Immunity in persons with obesity appears senescent, says Caroline Apvoian, MD, which may explain, in part, the observed severity of illness when these patients are infected with SARS-CoV-2.


Caroline M. Apovian, MD, is professor of medicine and pediatrics, in the section of endocrinology, diabetes, and nutrition at Boston University School of Medicine and the director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center.

Dr. Apovian is an internationally recognized authority on nutrition, metabolism, and obesity medicine and has been in the field for nearly 3 decades.

Her current research interests are in: weight loss/gain and its effects on adipose tissue metabolism and inflammation, obesity and cardiovascular disease (CVD), resolution of diabetes and CVD in the bariatric surgery population, disparities in the treatment of obesity in underserved populations and novel pharmacotherapeutic agents for the treatment of obesity.