Author | Andrew Bowser


ADPKD Quiz: Questions on Disease Progression

September 05, 2019

The risk for end-stage renal disease in patients with ADPKD is high. What factors increase the risk and how is it best managed? Test yourself.

Risk of CKD Progression Lower in Women vs Men: Findings from the CRIC Study

January 17, 2019

Authors of the CRIC study found sex-related disparities in chronic kidney disease progression. Scroll through our slideshow to get the highlights. 

Final Hep C Challenge of 2018

December 11, 2018

True or False: Hepatitis C belongs to the Fuselloviridae virus family. Answer and 4 more questions in the last Patient Care Hep C quiz for 2018.

HCV Expert Interview with Jordan Feld, MD, MPH

December 04, 2018

The renowned liver expert parses results of 3 studies presented at The Liver Meeting 2018 that could expand the role for DAA therapy in unexpected ways.

Hepatitis C Treatment Options: 5 Direct Questions

November 14, 2018

An HCV-infected patient who still injects drugs wants to start direct-acting antiviral therapy. What do guidelines recommend?