Eric Capulla, MD




Mongolian Spots: Two Views

September 14, 2005

Mongolian spots are benign, congenital blue-gray macules or patches commonly found in Asian, black, and Hispanic infants (and in 5% of white infants). They are most often located in the sacrogluteal area and the upper back. The lesions may be solitary or multiple, vary in color intensity, and frequently enlarge until about age 2, when they gradually fade and disappear. Approximately 5% persist into adulthood.

Gouty Tophi of the Pinnae

May 01, 2004

A 33-year-old man presented with joint pain and general malaise of about 2 weeks' duration and small yellowish lesions on the pinnae of the ears of about 6 months' duration. He had no urinary symptoms or conjunctivitis and was not taking any medications. His grandfather had been treated for gout.