John Sauret, MD



Torus Mandibularis

December 02, 2008

During a new-patient evaluation, a 49-year-old Hispanic man was found to have several nontender, hard nodules protruding from the lingual area. The nodules had evolved slowly over several years. The patient reported no trauma to the area. He was a long-time smoker and took no medications. His medical and family histories were unremarkable.

Colloid Cyst

September 14, 2005

After suffering with recurrent, diffuse, daily headaches for 4 months, a 51-year-old woman sought medical advice. She described the headaches as severe and said they were affected by the position of her head, particularly when bending forward. She also reported episodes of transient numbness on her right side. No syncope was noted, and the patient denied nausea and vomiting.