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Woman With Headache, Diaphoresis, Abdominal Symptoms

January 01, 2007

A 47-year-old woman complains ofepisodic headaches that began severalmonths earlier and are accompaniedby sweating, flushing, abdominal pain,and vomiting; these attacks have progressivelyworsened. She takes no medicationsand denies fever, chills, andnight sweats. The medical history isunrevealing.

Man With Pigmented Lesion

January 01, 2007

A 32-year-old man recently noticed a dark lesion behind his right knee. The patientdenies trauma and fever and has no other medical problems. Since he started workingfor the parks and recreation department of the state of Florida 18 months ago, hehas spent an increased amount of time outdoors.

Chest Pain and Intermittent Diarrhea andHematochezia in an Older Man

December 31, 2006

A 68-year-old man with severe emphysema complains ofchest pain that began that morning. He has also had intermittentdiarrhea and occasional blood in his stool for thepast 2 weeks.

Weight Loss in an Elderly Colon Cancer Survivor

December 31, 2006

A 72-year-old man complains that he has been losing weightfor the last 2 months. Colon cancer was diagnosed 2 yearsearlier, and the lesion was resected; he did not receive anyadditional therapy at that time. Except for hypertension,which is well controlled with propranolol, the remainder ofthe medical history is unremarkable.

Man With Increasing Knee Pain

May 02, 2006

A 52-year-old man complains of right knee pain that hasbeen increasing steadily for several weeks. Two years earlierhe underwent a total arthroplasty of the same knee to treatsevere osteoarthritis secondary to a meniscal injury. He hasno history of recent trauma or increased activity.

Young Woman With Right Upper Quadrant Pain

April 02, 2006

A 28-year-old woman complains of intermittentright upper quadrant pain.The patient is thin, and she is not inacute distress.

Woman With Weight Loss and Abdominal Pain and Fullness

March 02, 2006

A 35-year-old woman has been losing weight and has hadworsening abdominal pain and fullness for the past 2 months.She denies nausea, vomiting, and fever. Medical history issignificant only for asthma.

Man With Recently Diagnosed Colon Cancer

March 02, 2005

A 56-year-old man comes to see you2 weeks after an emergency departmentvisit for GI bleeding, which resultedin a diagnosis of colon cancer.Endoscopy revealed a lesion in theproximal sigmoid colon that wasfound on biopsy to be a primary adenocarcinoma.A CT scan of the abdomenand pelvis that was performedto stage the lesion showed a liverlesion suggestive of metastatic diseasebut no evidence of extrahepaticdisease.

Abdominal Pain in Man With History of Melanoma

January 02, 2003

For the past several weeks, a 54-year-old man has had progressivelyworsening abdominal pain and general achiness.He has no nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever and no historyof trauma.

Anxious Woman With Unexplained Weight Loss

December 01, 2002

A 42-year-old woman complains of anxiety, unexplained weight loss, and palpitationsthat started about 3 weeks earlier. She denies fever, trauma, and newstress. She has a history of several urinary tract infections for which imagingfailed to reveal any predisposing factors; all were successfully treated withmedication. The remainder of the history is unremarkable.