Maya C. Myslenski, MD



Boy With Ankle Pain, Erythema, and Edema

March 02, 2009

THE CASE: A 7-year-old boy has had left ankle pain for 2 days. Neither he nor his mother can recall any recent trauma to the joint. He is usually very active, but he has been unable to bear weight on the left foot and has been resting in bed. His mother reports that he had some tactile fevers, which were transiently relieved with ibuprofen, and that he has been eating and drinking normally. Despite the application of ice and elevation, the ankle has become red and swollen.

Teenager With Fever, Pharyngitis, and Generalized Rash

November 02, 2008

A previously healthy 16-year-old boy presents for evaluation of a slightly pruritic, nontender, generalized rash.