Author | Merin Varghese, MD


Hepatitis C: ABCs for Patients

June 02, 2017

Here, in plain language, a list of the most common questions you may hear about HCV and the answers, in brief.

HCV Screening: Focus on Special Populations

June 02, 2017

Every patient encounter is an opportunity to screen for hepatitis C. Certain women of childbearing age must be included as an at-risk population.

Does DAA Therapy Up Risk for Liver Cancer? It's Debatable

May 01, 2017

Eight studies at the 2017 International Liver Congress illuminate the question but the answer is open to interpretation.

Post-Test on Hepatitis C in Primary Care

April 24, 2017

Take this brief quiz to see what you’ve learned about the challenges and opportunities of HCV management.

Hepatitis C Drugs Meet Resistance Issues

April 24, 2017

Resistance-associated variants limit the activity of some drugs, but HIV infection treatment may offer some guidance.

Hepatitis C: What If You Do Not Treat?

April 18, 2017

Severe outcomes may ensue in a high percentage of patients. The authors discuss the consequences in this brief podcast.

Newer Hepatitis C Drugs Mean Direct Action

April 17, 2017

The “modern era” of treatment features multiple DAAs that target specific steps within the HCV life cycle.

Medicaid Is Tight on Hepatitis C Drug Coverage

April 10, 2017

State Medicaid programs and private insurance companies have balked at providing these drugs to their insured customers. But the tide is turning.

Hepatitis C Report: What Tests to Order

April 10, 2017

Testing is recommended for the persons who are more likely to have the virus but not know it.

Hep C Case Challenges for Primary Care

April 06, 2017

Test your knowledge of screening and HCV management with these three short case quizzes.