Robert F. Kushner, MD


Healthful Eating Habits, Cancer, and Heart Disease

April 01, 2006

The authors of the Women’s HealthInitiative (WHI) study involving50,000 postmenopausal women concluded thata low-fat diet (goal: 20% of total calories) had no significant effect on the incidence of breast cancer, coloncancer, or heart disease. What should we be telling our patients?

Counseling Patients About Nutritional Issues

February 01, 2006

Every day, patients are bombarded with conflicting information about what constitutes a healthful diet. By focusing on patients' needs, risk factors, lifestyle, and eating habits, you can help them make the right choices.

How to Counsel Patients About Diet

February 01, 2006

ABSTRACT: To provide effective dietary counseling, offer practical strategies that mesh with patients' lifestyles. Emphasize what to add to or include in the diet rather than what to avoid or cut back on, and aim for progress and small changes rather than a complete makeover. Recommend that patients "colorize" their diet (ie, include more colorful fruits and vegetables). Those who need to lose weight should keep a food log of all they eat and drink and use the "plate method" to control portion sizes.