Wayne Miller, MD



Pericardial tamponade caused by Actinomyces after bronchoscopy

November 24, 2008

Actinomyces odontolyticus isa rare cause of pleuropericardialinfection, with only 1 caseidentified in the literature. Inthat instance, the infectionwas believed to be secondaryto gastric surgery. We present apatient with pericarditis andpericardial tamponade causedby A odontolyticus. The infectionoccurred after an ultrasound-guided subcarinalbronchoscopic needle biopsyperformed for a suspicious mediastinalmass found on a CTscan of the chest. We describethe case presentation, the microbiologyand treatment of Aodontolyticus infection, andthe classic features of pericarditisand cardiac tamponade.