Aida Vega, MD


Improved Diabetes and Kidney Function Control With KidneyIntelX

Drs Aide Vega and Fernando Carnavali highlight the increased control in both diabetes and kidney function with the use of KidneyIntelX in patients with DKD.

Sarah Hallberg, DO, MS


Vaccines are Crucial for At-risk Populations

It is critical for physicians to urge patients with obesity to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as they are one of the highest risk patient populations.

Rose McNulty


Comorbidities Associated with COPD Affect Outcomes, Require Attention

At the 2023 American Thoracic Society International Conference a symposium focused on common comorbidities seen with COPD, their management, and research needs.

Steven E. Nissen, MD, MACC


Role of Bempedoic Acid in Clinical Practice

Experts discuss key takeaways from the review article “Role of Bempedoic Acid in Clinical Practice”, clinical implications, and the greatly anticipated CLEAR Outcomes trial.

Linda Girgis, MD


How to Handle Medical Misinformation in the Clinic

These tips from a family physician on managing misinformation in the exam room can help reduce the spread of false and misleading narratives.

Hayden E. Klein


Metabolic Surgery May Help Mitigate Microvascular Damage in Persons with Diabetes

Among other improvements, bariatric surgery may help reverse peripheral neuropathy and stabilize cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy, according to new findings.

Suzanne Cuda, MD


To Fight Childhood Obesity, Use the Best Tools Available

Obesity affects nearly 20% of US children, impacting both current and future health. The 2020 update of the Pediatric Obesity Algorithm provides expert treatment guidance.

Joseph Elengickal


Medical Students Augment Accurate Information During Pandemic

Students from the Medical College of Georgia, unable to care directly for COVID-19 patients, combined their individual skills to keep accurate information flowing.

Matt Hoffman


Atogepant Granted Label Expansion for Prevention of Chronic Migraine

The oral calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist is now indicated for prevention in both episodic and chronic migraine.

Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA


Mental Health & Cardiovascular Disease: What's the Link?

What does the latest research say about the association between mental health and cardiovascular disease? Scroll through our quick slideshow for an overview.

Rebekah Bernard, MD


How to Spot and Approach a Colleague in Distress

Mental health issues among health care professionals have always been normal; now that we can acknowledge them, we must, says a family physician and wellness advocate.

Nicholas Pennings, DO


Diabetes and Obesity: Why Obesity Treatment Should Come First

An obesity specialist explains why clinicians should start at the root cause when managing patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Isabella Ciccone, MPH


FDA Approves Novel Formulation of Rizatriptan Benzoate for Acute Migraine Treatment

To be marketed as Rizafilm, the product is a disintegrating film formulation of the 5-HT-1 receptor antagonist and proven bioequivalent to Merck's Maxalt-MLT.

Steven Peskin, MD


Q&A: Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Devices and Technologies

Wade Brosius, DO, Shelton Hager, MD, and Steven Peskin, MD, answer questions relating to diabetic retinopathy screening devices and highlight novel technologies utilized in this space.

Allen Dobson, Jr, MD, FAAFP


Q&A: Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Devices and Technologies

Wade Brosius, DO, Shelton Hager, MD, and Steven Peskin, MD, answer questions relating to diabetic retinopathy screening devices and highlight novel technologies utilized in this space.

Bob Kronemyer


Artificially-sweetened Beverages May Increase Risk for Urinary Incontinence in Women: New Findings

The findings come from an analysis of data related to more than 80 000 participants in the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study.

Amy Ingersoll, PA-C, MMS


Social Determinants of Obesity: Treating Urban & Rural Patients

Social determinants of health vary between patients living in different environments, so what are the key factors to consider when creating a treatment plan?

Patient Care Online Editorial Staff


CARDIOLOGY: 2021 Clinical Focus Collection

AHA Scientific Sessions 2021 recap, tests of clinical knowledge, expert interviews, and more in this roundup from Patient Care Online.

Logan Lutton


Early Increase in Positive Flu Tests Seen Among Young Adults

Pockets of positive tests for influenza A(H3N2), including on college campuses, may herald the opening of the 2021-2022 flu season.

Jill Warren


How to Keep Patients Engaged with Primary Care

The pandemic has altered how patients access and use health care. Now is the time for primary care clinicians to rebuild important connections with them.

Cynthia Li


New Doctors Could be Telehealth Natives

Consider all the first year medical students introduced to patient care in 2020 via computer screens and monitors. A young telehealth native tells her story.

Pearl Steinzor


CPAP Compliance Improves Lung Function in Patients with Comorbid OSA and COPD

Among patients with COPD and OSA, those with consistent CPAP compliance over 12 months showed improved lung function and experienced fewer AECOPD.

Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDCES


Unmet Needs in Diabetes Management

Dr Diana Isaacs provides insight on current challenges in the clinical treatment of patients with diabetes and shares clinical pearls for the use of CGMs in disease management.

Eden Miller, DO


Study of OneTouch Verio Flex® Meter and OneTouch Reveal® Mobile Application

Experts provide an overview of a study on the use of the OneTouch Verio Flex meter paired with the OneTouch Reveal mobile application in the management of diabetes.

Jacob Crothers, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Groups Recover Together


Telemedicine vs In-person Care: In Addiction Medicine, Options are Key

COVID-19 has dealt in-person addiction treatment a blow, but the chief medical officer of Groups Recover Together tells a telemedicine success story with a hybrid ending.

Jessica Ayre


Texting Patients? Don't Make these HIPAA Mistakes

Train your staff well, says this expert in business texting solutions, and make sure to develop and use appropriate checks and balances.

Benjamin W. Friedman, MD, MS


Take-home Messages for Acute Pain Management

Benjamin W. Friedman, MD, MS; Francesca Beaudoin, MD, MS, PhD; Paul Arnstein, RN, PhD, FAAN; and Jeff Gudin, MD, provide take-home messages to providers treating patients with acute pain.

Jeff Hall


FDA Ruling on National Breast Density Notification for Mammography Reports Finalized

Beginning on Sept 24, 2024, all women must be notified of their breast density status in mammography reports and encouraged to pursue supplemental screening.

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