10 Milestones in Early Medicine

SLIDE SHOW: A brief history of the science & art of healing and some of the physicians who led the way. Click here to see where it all began.

The long history of medicine is checkered with accomplishments-and some head-scratchers-that in one way or another advanced the science and art of healing.This slideshow illustrates some of the more significant developments, from ancient times through the Renaissance.An upcoming installment will take you through to the present time, with a focus on the development of primary care medicine.Start with the slide above to see where it all began.


1. Herbs Lie at the Root of Medicine

2. Medicine’s First Gatekeeper

3. First, Do No Harm-or Else

4. Hippocrates Honors the Oath

5. Hail, Galen!

6. Encyclopedia of Medicine Sets Standards

7. Hole-istic Medicine Goes Medieval

8. Let the Bloodletting Begin

9. Plagued By Infection

10. Anatomy of a Renaissance Man