10 New Facts about Prostate Cancer

Slide Show: Get top-line results of 10 new studies on the most common non-skin cancer among US men.

Men’s Health Month is held each June to heighten awareness of men’s health problems and to  encourage disease prevention, early detection, and treatment.Prostate cancer, the most common non-skin cancer among American men, is the subject of a number of recent studies that report on links between the disease and obesity, age, and vitamin D levels; the psychosocial impact of PCa; less use of radiation; and choosing treatment.Click through the slides above for brief summaries of these and other noteworthy developments.


1. Predict Lethal Prostate Cancer with Midlife PSA

2. Previous Cancer Ups Prostate Cancer Mortality Risk

3. Prostate Cancer-Obesity Link

4. Prostate Cancer Risk Advances with Age

5. Low Vitamin D Points to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

6. Say Nuts to Prostate Cancer

7. Radiation Cut by Half Still Effective

8. Survivors Have Unmet Psychosocial Needs

9. Unrealistic Expectations

10. SHAREd Treatment Decisions




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