10 Servings of Food as Medicine

As we pause to give thanks, consider this new and promising approach to patient care. Ten slides offer 10 key ingredients of using food as Rx.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” thousands of years ago. But the movement to treat patients with food has just now started to take hold. Tulane University’s Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine became the first dedicated teaching kitchen at a medical school a few years ago, and other schools have adopted the program. The 2015 "Food = Medicine Conference" was just held in mid-November and physician attendees were eligble to receive AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.Thanksgiving is a day for Americans to express gratitude for their blessings, and consume an abundance of food. Another reason for giving thanks at this time is the emergence of a new and promising approach to patient care: using food as medicine.Click on the slides above to find the key ingredients of the food as medical treatment effort. (Reference links below.)


1. Culinary Medicine Now on the Menu

2. Medical Foods, as Defined by FDA

3. ABCs of Using Food as Medicine

4. Diet & Cardiovascular Disease: What Physicians Think & Know

5. Omega-6 Cardiovascular Disease Efficacy in Question

6. Primary Care is Light on Obesity Management

7. Double Down With Foods That Trim and Treat

8. Diners, Drive-ins, and…Joints: Eat to Beat Arthritis Pain

9. Probiotics to Prevent, Treat Diarrhea

10. Mediterranean Diet Dims Macular Degeneration