8 New Insights into Tuberculosis

USPSTF recommendations for TB screening in primary care and a challenge to the 2-state TB paradigm are some of the latest.

Top tuberculosis headlines: USPSTF recommends TB screening in primary care, more LTBI understanding needed, a challenge to the conventional 2-state TB paradigm, HIV co-infection amplifies but does not drive TB-these are just a few of the more significant recent research findings.Click through the slides above for highlights. Sources1. TB Screening Recommended in Primary Care2. Primary Care TB Screening Review3. Key Facts About the TB Pathogen and Mortality4. More LTBI Understanding Needed5. A Challenge to the Conventional 2-State TB Paradigm6. Mycobacterium TB Genetics and Diagnostics7. HIV Co-infection Amplifies But Does Not Drive TB8. Community-based Treatment vs Hospitalization for TB